Attorney Profiles

Attorney Gregory R. Fidlon Gregory R. Fidlon
Founding Attorney

Greg Fidlon has been practicing exclusively in employment law since 1998. He represents and advises clients in all aspects of the employment relationship, including discrimination claims, employment contracts, employee discipline and termination,…(read more)

Attorney Julie M. Weiner Julie M. Weiner*
Of Counsel

Julie Weiner has been litigating employment-related cases and providing advice to individuals and small businesses since 2000. Her cases involve a variety of claims under both federal and Georgia law, including discrimination and retaliation, wage/hour issues,…(read more)

Attorney Rachel H. Smith Rachel H. Smith*
Of Counsel

Rachel Smith focuses her practice on representing employees and employers in cases involving all types of employment discrimination, including race, gender, age, disability, and pregnancy discrimination, sexual harassment…(read more)


* Julie Weiner and Rachel Smith serve as Of Counsel to Fidlon Legal, meaning they are independent contractors who practice with the firm on a part-time basis, generally handling cases on their own with oversight from Mr. Fidlon.